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The Pre-CRM app for REAL ESTATE ... are you READY?!

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What if I told you there is a system available for you to help you get organized and feel more confident in the information you share with your clients every day.


The Real Estate Ready mobile app is the system where you can easily upload, save and share pertinent data in a moment's notice thus allowing you more time to do the things you love to do.

Who will benefit from utilizing the purposeful Real Estate Ready mobile app?

Real estate professionals will customize their state-of-the-art business content and stocked resources within the app to mirror high efficiency in a paperless virtual office space during any given client touchpoint.

What values and features will be channelled through the REready mobile app?

RE experts will reap the rewards of building trust through an organized system of sharing and capturing professional and prospect identification, distributing resources and paperwork, multitasking and streamlining follow up, while implementing safety guidelines.

 How will problems be resolved using the efficient REr mobile app?  

REr will showcase the user as prepared, talented and highly skilled with clutter free confidence, prompt and harmonious interaction, controlled files, forms and videos at their fingertips, along with open house capability, MLS integration and export to CRM.  

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