Load your information and your office information.

Load or photograph your state real estate license and your NAR card.  

The NAR card expires every year at year end.

Your license expires once every 2 years either in March or Sep. 

It is especially important to maintain your licensing.

Complete your information to share to your clients. 

This is a virtual business card and is shareable immediately. 



Add as much information as you can including a photo.

The photo is helpful if you meet at a busy open house or event. 

Color code your clients.  

Their email is needed to instantly send your e-business card.

Driver license, photo ID, business card, preapproval, etc. 

Your office address and map is visible to your clients in your e-business card. 

Take notes on your meeting, send resources. 

Set next appointment and follow up.  

Don’t forget to send your business introduction video.  

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Upload as many resources as you would like.

See ‘Suggestions’ for resource examples.

Color code them into categories.

Share/send immediately to clients.

Pull resources from cloud, photos, documents, files.

Video links can be added to resources and shared. 

Infographics, web links, pictures, while following copyright laws.

Real Estate Ready, LLC is not liable and responsible for what
you place into the app – please be professional.  When in doubt, keep it out!

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The 911 button.

Please pay special attention: how to and when to use.  

Your gut instinct is correct. 

We have law enforcement to protect us and keep us safe. 

Real Estate Ready, LLC is not liable and responsible for misuse of this feature.  


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Use the ‘+’ to add an event to your calendar.

Add new event, name, date and times.

Select and color code the event type, so you are prepared. 

Add Guests. 

Click Add Event.  

Your guests will immediately receive an email reminder for the scheduled event.  

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Use the ‘+’ to add your open house to the REr app.

Add name, date, times.

Select the property for the open house from your MLS listings.

Add files such as: the MLS sheet, all information and resources on yourself,
the home and the community including videos/photos.

These resources will be shared with attendees. 

Toggle the “Send My Business Card” to green to share with the attendees. 

Click ‘Add’ at the top right to add your open house to the app. 

Your open house is now added into your REready app.

Unlock open house ‘mode’ inside the REr app.

When in open house ‘mode’ your phone is safe and locked and only in the open house setting.
Open house is separate from the rest of the REready app. 

You may leave your phone or tablet unattended, while in open house ‘mode’.  
Secure the device.  Real Estate Ready, LLC is not liable and responsible for theft of mobile devices.

Attendee signs in, puts in all information including identification. 

Attendee will receive MLS listing, the resources you added to the open house and your e-business card.

Click “done” and have fun! 

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OPEN HOUSE (iPad Display - video)

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OPEN HOUSE (video)

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