• Create your digital business card in a few easy steps!

  • Upload your professional photo and contact information.

  • You may fill in your designations after your last name.

  • Website, Mobile App and Social Media may be uploaded.

  • NAR Membership and Real Estate License uploads are optional.

  • Complete broker information, image and office address.

  1. Update your information or office information any time.

  2. Card is interactive, click on the address to get to the office!

  3. Click on your phone, email, website, mobile app or social

    media to be taken directly to them!

  4. Your card is shared instantly when adding a new client.

  5. Your card can go directly to an attendee who is added to an

    open house ... just toggle it on!

  6. Email and message your virtual business card any time.

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- Add Client information in a few short steps!
- A customer profile can be added quickly and easily.
- A photo is helpful if you meet at a busy open house or event.
- You may color code your clients.
- Their email is needed to instantly share your virtual business card.
- Add Client Files: Driver license, business card, preapproval.
- Notes on your meeting can be added and are timestamped.
- Notes, Resources and Client Files can be swiped to delete.
- “Add” Client – My Business Card gets shared instantly.
- Click on customer in Client Database.
- Go to Timeline and Add Resource to email to your client.
- Select Resources already uploaded or Add New from device.
- Send a business introduction video from your Resources.
- Resources are date stamped when Email Shared.

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- Resources of many varieties can be uploaded and stored!
- Suggestions can be found at
- Furnish your very own app, color code Resources into categories.
- Email Share them to clients in your app.
- Pull Resources from cloud, photos, documents, files.
- Video links can be added to Resources and shared.
- Infographics, MLS links, pictures ... please follow copyright laws.
- Real Estate Ready, LLC is not liable or responsible for what you
place into the app – please be professional. When in doubt, keep it out!

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​- Contact Emergency Services
- The 911 button within the app.
- Listen to your gut instinct. Always be aware of your surroundings.
- We have law enforcement to protect us and keep us safe.
- Real Estate Ready, LLC is not liable or responsible for misuse of
this feature.


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​- A simple Calendar with 2 special features.
- Click on a date.
- Click + to add an event to your calendar on that date.
- Add New Event – Event Name, Location, Address, Date and Times.
- Select Event Type to color code for preparation purposes.
- Add Guests.
- Add Contact. (You may remove contact with – sign)
- Click Add Event.

- 1. Invitation for an Event gets automatically emailed to Added Contacts.
- 2. My Business Card is also included in the Event email.


- Edit Event, Save – A new Invitation for an Event is emailed out with changes.

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+ Add Open House


• Add Open House Details

• Name, Date, Times
• Select Property (+) from My Listings.
• Resources, Add files: MLS listing, home and community information, buyer/broker agreement, etc.

(Resources, Add files) Suggestions at

• Resources will be shared with attendees upon sign in.

Toggle on the Send My Business Card to share with the attendees.

• Add - Add Open House to your app.

Your open house is now added into your REready app.

Open House/History

Settings in REready menu ... Enable Face ID or Pin for security.

*** Set Phone display, auto lock to ‘Never’ *** Secure your unattended device at an open house.

Real Estate Ready, LLC is not liable or responsible for theft of mobile devices.

Click (...) to View, Edit or Launch Open House
Attendee puts in required information plus identification. Submit

Attendee will receive Resources and Added files you attached to the Open House along with My Business Card if toggled on.

Wait for 3 seconds – REready for next Attendee to sign in.

- Click on desired Open House to see Sign Ins - Export Attendees to Client Database

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OPEN HOUSE (iPad Display - video)

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OPEN HOUSE (video)

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